Performance Variety Pack

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Get both flavours - 4 of each!

  • Dark Cacao Fuel
  • Mint Cacao Fuel



Never again will you have to suffer the chalky taste of a so-called “better for you” supplement, because well, we aren’t a supplement.  We are WHOLE FOOD!  Best of all, you don’t have to settle for all those additives to get all the protein you need and that actually tastes delicious.

Our super-food performance line is the perfect combination of fueling foods like SunFlower Butter, Avocado, and 100% Dark Cacao. Tested in the gym and on the court by top athletes, with certified organic ingredients and delicious - Fuel Your Fitness with STRYV Performance.



Although all items are free from allergens we cannot guarantee zero cross contamination as our products are made in a facility that does produce other products containing allergens.

We take every precaution to prevent that cross contamination of these items does not occur.