Midnight Mint

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Dark and delectable, midnight mint will please your palate with the bright vibrancy of mint with the deep, rich taste of our Farm-to-Bar chocolate.



Say “see ya” to the 3 PM crash and “so long” to having to pick between something that’s good for you and something that’s just plain GOOD. Whether you’re powering through your latest project at work or gearing up for errands with the kids or your looking for a guilt free indulgence - or all of the above, this is the chocolate for your everyday. 

Luscious and indulgent, our bars are, dairy free, and free of added sugar & sugar alcohols. NOTHING artificial. We’ve created three delicious options sure to satisfy any your chocolate cravings!



Although all items are free from allergens we cannot guarantee zero cross contamination as our products are made in a facility that does produce other products containing allergens.

We take every precaution to prevent that cross contamination of these items does not occur.