About Us


Chris Lambert


STRYV is the vision of Chris Lambert - a pretty active guy with a more active sweet tooth. Nearly every day he had to choose between a delicious snack he’d truly enjoy or one of those “low calorie” options that are filled with junk and taste pretty much the same.
Finally, he had enough - No. More. Compromises. He knew there had to be a better way and went to work. He turned his home into a test kitchen, experimenting tirelessly trying different combinations in search of something that he couldn’t find in stores. There were just a few rules - the food had to be "food", no supplements, no additives, and it needed to be accessible to every diet - why should he enjoy it alone?


All of our products are: 

Free from allergens

Diabetic Diet

Gluten Free, Dairy Free

Plant-based Diet

Paleo Friendly


Keto Inspired


Low GI

Fair Trade

And ya, it also needed to taste delicious.

As Chris worked to create what seemed impossible, he used himself as a Guinea Pig - and guess what happened - he lost more than 65 pounds during the process. Yup. SIXTY FIVE pounds, all the while eating ALL the chocolate

The result of these efforts are three new lines of great-tasting, energy-boosting superfood that will help you Fuel Better and Feel Better. Whether you’re working away on your next project at your desk, pounding out reps in the gym or trying to keep up with your kids - STRYV has something for you.