A Plant-based, Functional-Food source full of the nutrients that will help you RECOVER from your most demanding workouts. Restore your energy and mental focus while satisfying your need something delicious.

Performance Line

Never again will you have to suffer the chalky taste of a so-called “better for you” supplement, because well, we aren’t a supplement.  We are WHOLE FOOD!  Best of all, you don’t have to settle for all those additives to get all the protein you need and that actually tastes delicious.

Our super-food performance line is the perfect combination of fueling foods like SunFlower Butter, Avocado, Pea Protein and 100% Dark Cacao. Tested in the gym and on the court by top athletes, with certified organic ingredients and delicious - Fuel Your Fitness with STRYV Performance.


Although all items are free from allergens we cannot guarantee zero cross contamination as our products are made in a facility that does produce other products containing allergens.