All You need to know about Clean Labels!

All You need to know about Clean Labels!

Why is reading Food Labels important?

“Organically Produced”, “Wholesome Ingredients”, “Minimally Processed” – it’s not uncommon to see these words stated by almost every other food brand in the market today. But can these claims be supported? Or is it just a marketing gimmick?
That is why, now more than ever, consumers must read Food Labels before making a purchase. Reading labels can help you make healthier eating decisions and make changes more suited to live a long and active life. Labels also make it easier to identify genuine nutrient dense foods over highly processed foods – and help you gain an understanding of what it is that you are putting inside your body!

What is the “right” way of reading a Food Label?

A Food/Nutrition Label provides key information on factors such as serving size, cholesterol & fat content, and nutrient value. The label also contains a list of the ingredients, ranked highest to lowest, by quantity. If you’re looking for more natural food products – opt for products that rank Whole foods as ingredients in the list. As a general rule of thumb, be suspicious of foods that have ingredients you can’t pronounce.

What is a Clean Label?

Following on the concept that “Less is More”, Clean Label is a term used to describe food products that are produced using Whole Foods. Also, these ingredients are items that consumers acknowledge and associate as wholesome ingredients that they often use in their daily life. As a result, these products contain minimal artificial or synthetic chemicals, making Clean Labels the symbol of trust consumers look for in their food products.

Why choose a Clean Label food product?

  • Having correct Nutritional information helps you keep your food intake consistent with your daily targets.
  • Favoring whole food ingredients over chemically altered helps you improve your overall diet plan and recognize foods that are actually good for your body.
  • Limiting artificial & synthetic ingredients in your food decreases the probability of harmful allergic reactions (known/unknown).
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