A Beginner's Guide to LCHF diet!

A Beginner's Guide to LCHF diet!

What is a Low-Carb diet?

Low-carbohydrate-High Fat diets reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and puts an emphasis on an increased intake of healthy fats. Avoiding carbohydrates promotes fat burning and leaves you feeling more satisfied, resulting in decreased food intake, leveling of blood sugar, weight loss and other health benefits in a natural and healthier manner. Such diets are also popularly known as Low-Carb High Fat diets (LCHF) or a ketogenic diet.


How does a Low-Carb High Fat diet work?

Studies confirm that the main reason why Low-Carb High Fat diets work is because they stabilize, and in most cases even reduce, levels of insulin in the body.
As insulin is the main hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels and fat storage, a reduction in insulin production ensures that the stored fat in the body is spent. This increased fat burning in turn releases more energy, leading to a reduced need for frequent eating.
Studies have also shown that a moderate increase in protein composition contributes to reduced appetite, increased metabolism and holding on to muscle mass despite restricting calories.

What are the benefits of following a Low-Carb High Fat diet?

  • LCHF diets are remarkably successful in losing those extra pounds without having to starve yourself! Following the pattern of Low-Carb High Fat eating leads to an automatic reduction in appetite and calorie intake.
  • LCHF diets are extremely helpful in reducing a whole range of cardiovascular diseases - specifically by reducing the production of triglycerides (fat molecules) and increase the concentrations of HDL (the “good” cholesterol).
  • LCHF diets have proven to be highly effective for reversing type 2 diabetes as these diets essentially control and regulate blood sugar in the body.
  • LCHF diets can greatly boost your physical endurance as it provides you with constant access to all the available energy stored in your fat reserves by burning it.



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